Since we are not a big commercial brokerage we are able to do things a little different here at Four Seasons Properties. We can be a buyer for your home! 

-Is your home part of a trust and you want to sell to pay out trustees?

-Are you relocating and need to sell fast?

-Is your home in need of an update and you don't have the money to do the repairs?

-Do you live in another state and want to sell your investment property?

-Do you want to upgrade your home and have someone advise you so you can make a bigger profit when it comes time to sell? 

-Are you going through a divorce and want to sell quick, or fix up to part ways with a little extra cash?

-Did you try managing your own sale and not have much luck?

I specialize in investment properties and I can help direct you to the finish line. I have a handful of options that I can discuss with you to see what works best for your needs.  Call me today or simply enter in your information below so I can reach out to you! 

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